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8 Prayers for Others

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Use these prayers for others for inspiration of how to pray for the poor, government leaders, doctors, teachers, orphans, pastors, and more.

Praying for others is an important part of showing love and concern for them.

Sometimes we may feel as though we have run out of things and people to pray for, but we can pray for more than ourselves, and those who we know personally. We can pray:

  • for our leaders
  • for our teachers
  • nurses and doctors
  • for the poor
  • for the lost
  • for pastors, volunteers, and other church staff

If you are looking for ways that you can pray for others, here are 8 prayers for different people that you can incorporate into your private prayers.

8 Prayers for Others

Prayers For Others - hands folded in prayer

1. Prayer for the Poor

Heavenly Father,

In Your Kingdom, it is not about the riches we have on this earth, but rather the riches we have toward You and in Christ. It is amazing to know that even the poorest of people who have faith in You are richer than those with the most earthly riches who haven’t placed their faith in You. Thank You God for this humbling truth, and for Your love and care towards those who are poor and needy.

I lift up every person who is poor, who is struggling to get by each day. I ask that You provide a way for them to overcome their situation, and to receive what they are in need of. I pray for those who need warm clothing, or shoes. I ask that You protect those who have harsh living conditions,  and bring them under shelter. I pray for those who need a job, or someone to give them an opportunity to work. 

Please help us as Your people to have hearts that are generous towards the needy, and to extend our time, love, resources and most importantly the gospel towards them. May they come to know Your precious gospel, and give their hearts to You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

2. Prayer for our Government Leaders


I bring our government leaders to You in prayer today. You know the thoughts and intentions of all men, including those who are leading the country. In Your word, it says that You are the one who allows leaders to rise and to fall. I confess, sometimes it is easier to be critical towards those who are in leadership than to pray for them.

But I am reminded that You are able to pierce even through the hearts of those who have been placed in power, because You hold the ultimate power and authority. That is why I ask that You work in the heart of every government leader. If there is any sense of selfish ambition, falsehood, or self-gain, I ask that You remove that from their hearts.

May their desire be to care for the people of the nation, but more than that, may they do so by upholding Your word that shows us how to thrive as humanity. I pray that every decision that they need to make, that it would be led by Your Holy Spirit. Grant them wisdom and guidance. And a personal relationship with You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

3. Prayer for Doctors & Nurses


I praise You for every doctor and nurse that has served others faithfully and compassionately. It takes more than skill to be in a profession like that, it also takes heart, determination and love. I am reminded that You are our Great Physician. You have cured the one disease that every person suffers from, and that is a sinful heart that cannot know or love God. But through Your blood shed on the cross, we have been healed.

I ask that You would grant every single medical worker, doctor and nurse the knowledge of You, and faith in You. May their hearts be cured so they can not only serve others in bodily form but also give them hope beyond their broken earthly bodies. I ask that You would give them strength to face each new day with all the challenges that come with it.

Please grant them clarity, patience and wisdom when they are under pressure. May they find their rest in You during and after long days of work, and caring for others. In Jesus’ name, amen.

4. Prayer for Teachers


Thank You for our teachers, who many times do more than teach. Some of them have become mentors, cheerleaders, counselors, and even parents to so many children who are in need of encouragement and support. I pray for those teachers who feel weary today, we feel as though no progress is being made, or who are being undermined by their students. I ask that You would grant them rest for their souls, and give them a new hope.

When they feel discouraged, please remind them that they are not working for people, but ultimately for You. In a world filled with hate, I ask that You would fill our teachers with love, compassion, and grace toward our children. But not only that, may our teachers receive the respect and honor that they are due by the students as well.

Help the students to see that the teachers care for their well-being, and want to see them succeed. In Jesus’ name, amen.

5. Prayer for Orphans

Dear God,

Today my heart goes out to every child who has become an orphan. It is so heartbreaking to think of the countless children who have lost parents and whose lives will be affected by that tragedy for their entire lives. Thank You for Your care and compassion towards those who have been orphaned.

In Your word, You instruct us as Your people to care for orphans. I ask that You pour out Your compassion into the heart of every believer towards these children.

May we not sit by unattended and unmoved by their circumstances, but rather give us hearts that move and hands that work. May we give where we are able, whether that is in donations, time, resources, affection, or adoption. May Christian families all over be moved towards adopting children who are in need of a loving, Christ-centered home.

I ask that You would bring them into Your family, and that they would have an eternal home in Christ. In Jesus’ name, amen.

6. Prayer for Pastors


I am thankful for Your word that leads us in all truth and life. Thank You that You have not left us to our own devices but have shown us the way, and given us people like our pastors and church leaders to help us mature in our walk with You. I know that being a teacher of the word is serious to You, and it should be serious to us too, because those who are teachers will receive a stricter judgement.

So, I pray for pastors all around the world. May their relationship with You be genuine, and the driving force for all that they do. If there are some who have abused Your grace, or who have taught a different gospel, I ask that You would bring them into repentance and a renewal of their minds.

May our pastors follow You faithfully, and be an example to Your people. I pray against any spiritual attacks that they may be facing, and that You would cover them in Your armor. Help them to preach the word faithfully, and to point people to You alone. In Jesus’ name, amen.

7. Prayer for Widows & Widowers


Thank You for the hope that we have in Christ, that death is not the end for those who have placed their faith in You. We have a hope that we can look forward to beyond this world, and I pray that this hope will be with those who have become widows and widowers.

I ask that You would comfort them in the loss of their beloved, and that they will know that You are near to those with a broken heart. I ask that You would provide for them in their needs, and that the church would support them, and love them. Please give them hope in those days that feel long and lonely, and fix their eyes on You.

I ask that You would fill their hearts with renewed strength and joy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

8. Prayer for Youth Group

Father in Heaven,

There is no better place for a young person to be than in Your presence. Many of them are in a time of their lives where the world is running after their attention, affection and devotion. Their young minds are easily influenced, and the world takes full advantage of that.

My prayer is that our youth ministries will win over those youth for Christ’s sake. I ask that You would be with all those who are in youth ministry, leading, teaching and disciplining the youth.

I pray that You would give them wisdom, and guide them in their interaction with the youth. Please encourage those who have grown discouraged, and remind them that it is often about the remnant.

Though many may come and go, there are a few whose faith will be genuine. May these youth ministries truly teach the word of God, and be more than a fun time to the youth. May the youths’ hearts be turned toward Christ, and be a light to their peers. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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