7 Heartfelt Prayers For My Husband

Prayers For My Husband - Wife holding her husband's hand with wedding bands showing

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Use these 7 Prayers For My Husband to pray for your spouse’s friendships, for him to fight temptation, for his strength, his leadership, & more.

There is often a big emphasis placed on praying for your “future” husband. You can find an endless list of resources, blog posts (you can read mine here), and books on the topic. But what happens when you finally meet him and he is no longer someone you are waiting on. He is now someone you are doing life with.

Our prayers for our husband are just as important, if not more important. You get to see him in all his forms. You get to learn about his strengths and weaknesses, victories and defeats, and what’s more, is that you can now specifically pray for him because you know what he needs most in his life.

As his wife, one of the roles that God has gifted you with is that of helper. What better way is there to not only grow as a helper but to be his helper than to pray for him with fervent love and continual devotion.

So, if you’re looking for ways to pray for your husband daily, this is a great place to get you started. I hope that these prayers will not only build up your husband but stir you in love and honor for him as well.

Prayers for My Husband

Prayers For My Husband - Wife holding her husband's hand with wedding bands showing

A prayer of gratitude

Lord, I just want to start by thanking You for the wonderful life of my husband. You created him, and you looked at him and said “this is good.” You made him in Your image, and because of that, he carries intrinsic value.

Help me to remember, before he is mine. He is yours. When I’m tempted to see him in a bad light, or we are not on the best of terms, help me to still honor who he is as Your child, just as I am yours, too.

Thank You for bringing our paths together. Thank You that we are able to walk through this life side by side. Help me to see his efforts more clearly, and to express my gratitude to him even in the smallest of things. Let my words and deeds toward him be gracious and encouraging.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

Prayer for humility

Father, if there is anyone who has shown us a perfect example of what it is to walk in humility, it is Jesus. Though He is God, He brought Himself low by becoming a human, like us. Though He was God, He allowed Himself to be born in poor conditions and to submit to earthly parents. Though He was God, He allowed Himself to serve man, to be beaten, wrongly accused, and eventually, hung on the cross for our sins.

That is the example of humility that we see in Jesus, and the humility that You call us to reflect. My prayer is that You would lead my husband in that same humility. Though the world praises the proud, Lord, You give grace to the humble. Help me to see that strength in You is found in counting oneself weak, and relying on Your power and understanding and not our own.

Let pride have no place in his walk with You, or in our marriage. You know the parts of his heart and life in which he struggles with pride. Lord. Help him to see that You are gracious, and are able to lead him into a life of humility, submission to You, and servanthood to those around him. Most importantly, help him to learn from Jesus and to reflect on His humility in his life.

In Jesus’ matchless name, I pray, amen.

Prayer to be rooted in the Word

If not for Your Word, we would not be able to know You, ourselves, or the world around us as it truly is. We would not know forgiveness. We would not know Your character, and we would not know the abundant and eternal life that Jesus has brought us into. Nor would we know how to live through a broken world. So, thank You, Lord, for Your Word.

My prayer is that my husband would truly grow to become a man who loves His Word. I pray that he would grow in His relationship with You by studying the Scriptures and learning of Your nature and character. As he reads the Word, I pray that he would be encouraged, comforted, convicted, and challenged as You speak to Him through it.

Like a tree planted by rivers of water, may he be rooted in Your Word. May his roots be deep, and may he grow in his faith in such a way that he will stand firm in any weather or season of life, because he is rooted in You. May he be transformed by Your Word and a reflection of Christ in character, speech, and deeds.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

Prayer for his leadership

Thank You, Father, for the gift of marriage. When You created man and woman, You had a purpose and design for what marriage is meant to look like. Thank You, that You have made my husband and I both equal in value, but created us with distinct roles that work together.

You have placed a big responsibility on his shoulders as the leader of our home. You know the weight that it places on him. I pray, Lord, that You would help him to see that You have created him for this role, and that it is not something that he has to carry out on his own. but one in which You are able to give him wisdom, guidance, instruction, strength and encouragement as he leads.

Help me to honor him in his leadership, and to be a listening ear and sound advice to him in the decisions that lie ahead for us and our family. Help me to submit to his leadership and to point him back to Christ. May he be led by You as he leads us, Lord.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer for his strength

Lord, I thank You that when we are weak, You are strong. I know that my husband feels immense pressure to be a strong man, to be unaffected by things that take place, and to be as hard as nails. But the way the world has taught men what strength looks like is not the way that You have portrayed strength in Your Word.

Please, help him to see that true strength, godly strength, is not found in himself. It is not found in self-reliance or his physical stature. Instead, it is found in his recognition that he is merely a human. That he will fail, that he will fall, and that he will feel beaten down at times. Yet, in those very moments, he can experience strength because it does not come from himself. True strength comes from You, and his dependence on You.

You know the responsibilities that lie ahead of him. He needs the strength to wake up, read Your Word, do his work, grow his relationships, to be a father and a husband. My prayer is that You would give him the physical, mental, and emotional energy to apply himself to all those parts of his life. Help him to know that he does not have to do it on his own, but that You are constantly there with him.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

Prayer for his friendships

Heavenly Father, You have created us to be in community with others. Even the most introverted of us need others by our side. But I know that we shouldn’t just have people by our side for the sake of the community, the kind of people we surround ourselves with matters. That is why I want to pray for my husband’s friendships and connections today.

If there are any people in his life that draw him away from you, continually lead him into temptation, or pull him back into past struggles or sins. I pray that You would open his eyes toward those friendships. Help him to see their poor effect on him, and to distance himself and even withdraw himself in certain situations and friendships that dishonor You.

I pray that You would bring friends and brothers into his life that encourage him not only toward You but who help him to grow in life and in his goals. Please bless him with friends that challenge him, who are wise counselors, and who truly have his best interests at heart. May those friendships enrich his life and bring him joy and genuine fellowship.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer to fight temptations

Lord, although we live in You, it still remains true that we live in the world, and the world has an overflood of temptations. When we turn on a TV show or watch a movie. When we go on social media, even when we walk around in a store or text someone. Temptations are always readily available to assure us.

But I thank You, Lord, that You have given us the ability to resist temptation and to say no to sin. Once, all we knew was sin. But in Christ, You have put sin to death, and we are now able to reject sin too. But it all starts with temptation.

You know the temptations that are placed before my husband daily. You’re aware of the things he struggles with. My prayer is that You would help him not simply fight temptation, but flee from it. Help him see that there is strength in knowing that you are prone to sin, and that it is safest to run from temptation rather than try to stay in its presence and put up a fight. In times when he is faced with temptation, help him to rely on Your strength, and to reflect on the self-control and patience that You call us to live in.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

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