5 Prayers for Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

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Needing prayers for grieving the loss of a loved one? Pray these to help you find comfort and peace during this heartbreaking time.

It is hard to find the words to describe what losing a loved one is like. For many people, it is one of the greatest pains that life throws our way. Whether the loss of a loved one is expected or happens suddenly, the sting of their absence rings all the same.

If you or someone you know has lost a loved one, it can be tough to deal with the loss and to find the words to say. But those who are left behind can find comfort in the midst of losing someone they loved through prayer. When we come to God in prayer, we not only give Him our weary, hurting hearts. We ask Him to fill us with His peace, comfort, strength, hope and healing.

May these prayers for grieving the loss of a loved one serve you through this difficult time, and draw you near to the God of all compassion.

Prayers For Grief

Prayers for grieving loss of a loved one - grieving women sitting on the ground looking down with sadness

A Prayer for Comfort

Heavenly Father, I need Your comfort today. I need You to fill the hollow parts of my heart that feel as though it has been ripped away. Please enfold me with Your comforting embrace. Your word says that You are close to those with a broken heart. I ask that you would be close to me. I ask that Your spirit would fill me with peace and help me to trust You, even when I don’t understand.

Today I am heavy laden, Lord, and I need Your rest. Even in the depths of my sorrow help me to come to You, knowing that Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light. I know in Your presence there is not only rest for my body and my mind, but there is rest for my soul. Please grant me comfort so deep that my soul experiences Your peace.

Please help me to carry the weight of my sorrow, and invite others to bear it with me. I ask that You surround me with people who are encouraging and comforting. Help me not to hide away from You, but to run straight to You.

I can find comfort in knowing that You are sovereign. Even when there is hurt, and loss. Especially, in these times, Lord, remind me of Your sovereignty. There is nothing that catches you off guard. When I am caught off guard, please catch me in Your hands. Help me to trust Your will and to submit myself to it, knowing that You will be working out all things for my good and for Your glory. In Jesus’ matchless name, I pray, amen.

A Prayer for Hope

Lord, I don’t know where to turn. My heart feels overcome with an agony so deep it is hard to see through the tears. My heart is failing to grasp onto hope. I know outside of You there is no

hope. The sting of death lingers and it feels merciless. But through Christ death has no hold. In Christ You showed mercy, and that mercy is the very gateway to the hope we have in Christ.

Thank You, God, that I can turn to You as my fortress. I don’t have to hide away. I can hide in You. You are my refuge in times of trouble. You are my fortress when it all comes down. Right now, I need You, Lord. I need Your strength in my weakness. I need Your comfort in my pain. I need Your hope in what feels like a path that has been stripped from any light.

When I lose sight of hope, remind me to turn to You. Let me be comforted by Your hope, not only in this life, but the one to come. Please surround me with others who will continue to point me to the hope I have in You. Be the lifter of my head in a time filled with sorrow. Let the peace of Christ that passes all understanding surround my every thought.

Help me to draw close to You as I grieve. Remind me that You can work even in the tragedy of our lives, and the loss of our loved ones. Let my trust in You be greater than my need to understand. Let Your hope carry me through each day. Let it be my strength to get up. And may I share this hope with those who suffer alongside me. It’s in Your Name, I pray, amen.

A Prayer for Healing

O God, please hear my cry. I come to You broken and shattered by the loss of someone I dearly loved. Mend these broken parts of me back together. Hold me in Your arms so tight that I become whole again. Please bring healing to the hurting parts of my heart, and peace to the distraught parts of my mind.

Thank You, Lord, that You are a God of compassion. You know death to a deeper extent that we can even comprehend. You sent Your Son not only to do for us, but so that we can receive healing, among many other things. I pray for not only the healing of my heart but all those affected by the death of my loved one. I pray that our memories of them would outweigh the agony of having lost them.

Help me to remember that grief is a natural part of losing someone who matters to you. Remind me to turn to You in my grief instead of away from You. Though my joy feels as though it has been snatched away, I will find my strength in You. In You there is hope for better days. You can make what is broken can be made whole again.

Even in my sorrow, You remain good. Help me to look to Your character as I take each day one step at a time. Let me find my strength in who You are and not how I feel. Help me to seek You in my pain and to find Your healing hands ready to welcome my hurt. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

A Prayer for Peace

Jesus, You are the Prince of Peace. I need Your peace now more than ever. When a loved one passes, it completely disrupts your world. It feels as though nothing makes sense or that nothing will ever make sense again. It strips you of any certainty. Though I don’t know what tomorrow holds, one thing I know for sure is that You hold it.

Help me to seek Your face during my grief. When my heart seems to fail me, remind me of Your word that never fails. You promise to give peace to those who trust in You. Lord, if there is any unbelief within me, please help my unbelief. I do believe. Please fill my heart with Your peace that is greater than the peace of the world. Keep me from turning to other places to find comfort that only You can give.

Please bless me with the peace of Christ. Help me to find rest in You when I am weary, and help in You when I feel lost. Draw close to me, and keep me in Your comforting embrace. When my heart feels like it is being tossed around, help me to find my grounding in You. Be my rock and my anchor in the middle of the storm.

Just a word from You is needed to calm the storm. Please, speak into the storm of my heart. Please settle the unanswered questions and the doubts that fill my mind. Help me to trust in You, knowing that Your thoughts are not my thoughts and Your ways are not my ways. They are higher than I can ever comprehend. Let Your comfort flood my heart, and Your words of hope once again. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

A Prayer for Strength

Lord, I confess that my heart has grown weary. The loss of a loved one feels like a blow so quick and so hard that it knocks you off your feet and spins you around until you are disoriented. It takes every ounce of strength from your body. And today, I am running to You for that strength. I am asking for Your hand to lift me up from the pit and to set my feet on level ground again.

There are times when grief feels so overwhelming, there is almost no room for anything else. But You still have me here, and I know it is Your will for me to take care of myself and those who are mourning with me during this time. Please remind me of the importance of eating and keeping hydrated for my overall well-being.

Please grant me Your strength to face each new day. Help me to see the smallest things of which I can express thankfulness to You every day. Remind me that there is still beauty in life, even in loss. Let my heart not grow faint, but find its security in You.

In my weakness, You are strong. Please remind me of this truth. Help me to rely on You as my source of life. Apart from You there is hopelessness; but in You there is strength. Help me to cling to You, and to be renewed and lifted up by Your word. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

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