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9 Healing Prayers For Back Pain Relief

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Say these prayers for back pain relief to ask God for healing and comfort for your pain, whether you have chronic back issues or a new injury.

Struggling with back pain, whether it be from chronic back issues or an injury that you’ve incurred can be a debilitating experience. Apart from the pain that comes with back problems, it can also hinder your mobility, restrict your activity, and lead to a daily life of discomfort. 

As Christians, we serve a kind and compassionate God who invites us to bring our burdens and suffering to Him in prayer. In the midst of your battle with back problems, you can lift up prayers for back pain to Him. 

Through prayer, we can seek God’s healing, comfort, guidance, and patience to endure the pain that we are facing. These 9 prayers will help you to do just that. 

9 Prayers For Back Pain Relief

Woman sitting on a couch bent over holding her hands on her lower back in obvious back pain

1. A Short Prayer For Relief From Back Pain 


I humbly come before You acknowledging that You are the ultimate healer. In my pain, and in my discomfort, You are able to do what others can’t, and You are able to heal that which is broken or hurting. 

I am in such desperate need of Your healing hands to relieve me from the back pain that I have been experiencing. It has been such a debilitating experience, and it has been hard to do the things that I need to do, and the things I would like to do. 

You know exactly where the problem areas are, and what is causing me to be in so much pain. I ask that You grant me freedom from this pain, and help me to cope with it, if it is not time for it to be completely taken away. 

I pray for even small moments where I can experience relief from the pain. Help me not to grow weary and discouraged, and remind me that this earthly body and suffering lasts only for a moment. In Jesus’ name, amen.

2. A Prayer For Lower Back Pain & Problems


Thank You for Your grace that is extended to me day in and day out. Sometimes it is so hard to feel anything but the pain that I am experiencing, and how it is affecting me on a daily basis. 

I know without saying a word that You are aware of the pain that I have been experiencing in my lower back and the problems that it has caused. Some days it feels like the simplest tasks or moments are overstated by the agonizing pain that my lower back is feeling.

I ask for the wisdom and strength to do what I can do on my part to minimize the strain on my back. Please help me to seek and find the necessary support and help that I can get to further help with the lower back problems that I am experiencing.

But above all, I ask that Your healing hand would touch the parts of my body that are aching, and heal the places that are hurting. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

3. A Prayer Asking For Healing And A Full Recovery From The Great Physician

Heavenly Father,

There are so many names by which You are known, and now more than ever I am calling on You as the Great Physician. I know You not only heal the aches and pains of our bodies but You heal the human heart. 

Today I bring the full load of my pain and the discomfort that I have felt in my back. I bring it to You because You are able to help me carry this burden, and relieve me from its weight. 

I come to You because You have shown Your power to heal through so many, and Your Word brings testimony of that. Lord, if it is in Your will, I ask that You bring healing to the bodily pain that I am enduring at the moment. 

I ask for Your comforting hands to hold me in my pain, and enfold me in times of discomfort and discouragement. If it pleases You, bless me with a full recovery from the pain, and make me whole. In Jesus’ name, amen.  

4. A Prayer Prayer For Chronic Back Pain


I am in need of Your grace as I battle against chronic back pain. It is hard to remember what it is like to live without this pain because it feels as though I am taunted by it every day. I am so weary, Lord, and I need Your help. 

It has been so hard to function, and frustrating to feel such intense pain without complete relief. I don’t know what to do anymore, Lord, and I feel so discouraged by the constant pain and discomfort that I feel on a daily basis. 

If there is an underlying reason for this pain that I am not aware of, I ask that You guide me to specialists who are able to recognize it and help me with a pain management plan, and to get to the core issue. 

Please help me to lay down the pain that I am experiencing before You each day. Help me to lean on You for strength and endurance. And enable me to do the things that are set before me. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

5. A Prayer For Endurance During This Difficult Time

Heavenly Father,

In the midst of my pain, it is so easy to feel beaten down and discouraged. The physical pain that I am experiencing can feel overwhelming, and sometimes it can occupy my thoughts. 

But I am reminded today of the encouragement that You have for me in Your Word. Though the pain may feel permanent, it is only a small part of my life. Because my life stretches beyond here and now, into eternity with You. 

When I feel discouraged, please help me to look to You, and to realize even if You do not heal me from this bodily pain, that I have a greater hope to look forward to. There will be no pain, no tears, no sin, and no sorrow. 

Please let my thoughts be fixed on You and the things above, rather than the things below. Grant me the strength and perseverance that I need to endure this hardship, knowing that You care for me, and will one day make all things new. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

6. A Prayer For Relief From This Intense Pain


I am desperate for Your mercy at this moment. It feels as though my body is failing me, and this intense pain has left me feeling absolutely paralyzed and powerless. Please help me, Lord. 

I turn to You, knowing You are able to heal me if it is in Your will. Please look upon me with compassion, and bring relief to the excruciating pain that I am enduring. 

Help me to set my eyes on You, even in these moments, trusting that You will keep my mind in perfect peace because my trust is in You. Keep me from doubting, and help me to trust in Your power to heal. 

You can ease the pain, and You can strengthen me through it all. I ask that it would please You to do just that. Help me to endure this pain, and to find my comfort and strength in You when it feels unbearable.  In Jesus’ name, amen. 

7. A Prayer For All Back Issues

Dear God, 

I look to You in this trying time. You have always been there for me, and I know that You are close even in times of pain, and discomfort.

I am grateful that I can come to You and lay down my back issues and the agony that it caused me. I know that there is not a single moment of pain that You are not aware of, or that You are not able to heal. 

My sincere prayer is that Your hand of healing would touch the areas of my back that are hurting and make them whole again. Please provide me with relief from this pain, and grant me a new sense of strength. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

8. A Prayer Of Healing For My Spine


You know what has been weighing on my heart. I have been carrying this pain in my spine for some time, and it has affected me in so many ways. But most of all, it has led me to great discouragement.

I know that my hope is found in You, please keep me from despairing in this painful trial. I ask for Your healing touch to cure the spinal problems that I am facing.

You are aware of the issues that are causing my spinal complications. I ask that You miraculously heal it from the inside out, and do what You alone can do. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

9. A Prayer For Back Surgery


I am so grateful for Your mercies that are new each day. Even in the midst of our trials and suffering, You are with us, and Your compassion never fails. 

As I prepare for back surgery, I ask that You help me to remain at peace, and to entrust this surgery into Your hands. 

I pray for those who will be operating on me, that You would guide them in the work of the hands and provide them with wisdom to know what to do.

Please let the surgery be successful and effective, and help me to recover well, and to heal completely from this surgery. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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